Here are a few great things family and clients are saying about BY YOUR SIDE.

“I really enjoy the work this caregiver you sent me around. She does a great job in assisting me in my home.”—Janet R.

“Your caregivers do a good job and get things done in a timely manner. Thank you.” —Dennis D.

“My caregiver treats me like a real person.”—Tom M.

“My quality of life has gone up since your caregivers have been assisting me in my home.”—Hugh S.

“You have a heart bigger than you are standing by my side!” —Deb T.

“I really appreciate my caregiver being able to wash my hair when my hands no longer work for me anymore. and setting up my medication box for me too.”—Vernon C.

“My caregiver makes a difference in my daily life. Thank you for sending her to me, she’s wonderful. I’ve been with this agency for years and they always manage to take great care of me. Thank you!” —Eric C.

“I’m so thankful for the VA supplying me with the wonderful caregivers through your agency. The additional aid they provide me is a blessing doing the little things I can no longer do anymore. It makes my life so much better! Thank you so much!” —Dennis D.

“Thank you for being by my mother’s side. To be able to get in right away and assist with personal care. There are no words to express how thankful I am for your company be there for her.” —Julie G.


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