For Health Care Providers

We understand the challenges of caring for the elderly. From multiple comorbidities to polypharmacy and dementia, you have a lot to juggle. And so do the family caregivers who bring their loved ones to your care. Family caregivers are a vital part of the health care team. Their assistance can make the difference between a solid recovery or a 30-day readmission. Educating the family members is a direct way to support your patients to maintain optimal health and functional ability. You will find the following articles especially helpful for working with families as they make the elder care journey:

Feel free to print out these articles any time. It’s our way of thanking you for the important work you do. And if you find yourself with a patient or family situation where home care would be useful, by all means give us a call at 541-229-CARE (2273). Among other services, we can monitor vitals daily, make sure patients take their medications as directed, and drive patients to their follow-up appointments.